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Category : Musicians

Just like music…

Sometimes photography is just like music. You can’t force a shot. You can’t guarantee a hit. Sometimes you just have to be patient. Other times you may have to walk away from it, and come back to it a little later. I like the shots this shoot, but had no idea how I would approach the post production. So I waited…about three weeks to be exact. I think I woke up around 1:30am when I felt inspired the edit this one. Once I got to work I let the processing happen organically and this was the result.

Kat at angle

I shot this with Kat of Kat’s Cafe downtown. I love the red brick in this part of the cafe. This somewhat of an impromptu performance, she wasn’t really singing at first. But as with all good performers once you get them started they’ll put on a show. This angle says it all. Soulful and sultry.

Patience always pays…

Usher , originally uploaded by

I got this shot of Usher at his Cologne release at Macy’s Lenox Mall. Basically, I was the last photographer to leave, and the first to realize he didn’t take a picture with his cologne bottle. I asked his manager if it was okay if I got a shot of him with a bottle, she asked him, he nodded his head and this was the result. Anyone who has spent five minutes can tell you the photo pit is a crowed and cramped area filled with many photographers of different skill level trying to get that perfect shot. Many are willing to push, pull and lean on you to get. But when it’s all said and done the best technique to use is always patience.