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Category : Rides

Opportunity Given…

A few years ago I was given the opportunity through a mutual friend to take portraits of former Atlanta Falcon and Atlanta Brave Brian Jordan. For me this was one of the most fantastic opportunities a budding photographer could get. Not only would I get the opportunity to shoot pics of a national celebrity, but also an athlete who watched and cheered on for two teams in Atlanta.

As expected I was nervous because as mentioned before this was a big opportunity for me and you never know if an opportunity like this may come again. On the day of the shoot I found Brian Jordan to be one of the most laid back, coolest people you can ever meet. From there it was just a matter of me applying the same principles of photography to this shoot as I had to others in the past. The result was a fantastic group of images. It felt good to know that all of those hours of practice paid off.
This image was one of the first in which I started using high contrast lighting a technique that would further develop and become a staple in photography arsenal. I didn’t realize this until I just so happen to be going through old images while cleaning one of my external hard drives. So now I have decided that I will start blogging past shots and past shoots, and posting them on my website. Looking back I realized how big of an opportunity this was and I am thankful for what the experience taught. Also, I’d like to publicly thank that mutual friend. Thanks T.

American Muscle…

The Corvette. It has to be the iconic symbol of American motor vehicle muscle. It’s the complete antithesis of the soccer mom van. It’s long, sleek, only two seats, and in a word, it’s just sexy. The Corvette was built for speed. Even when it’s sitting still it looks like it’s ready to go fast. If given the opportunity, I’d love to shoot cars for a living. It’s a feeling that takes me back to my childhood, when we’d yell bingo as a nice looking ride rolled by. The Corvette was always my personal favorite, particularly the Stingray. Who knows maybe one day I’ll get one. Until then I’ll just shoot when I see them.

True classics…



Sometimes my timing is so perfect it’s almost scary. While I did not win the mega lottery, I did run across thirty of these beauties on my way to get gas for the mower. It was a meeting of The Southside A’s Ford Model A car club.
I didn’t know any of them, I didn’t know why they were there, or if they would even allow me to shoot pictures. Being the inquisitive photographer that I am I stepped out of my dented Nissan and I asked the host if it were okay for me to shoot some pictures. He replied, “Absolutely, but we will be leaving in about 25 minutes.”. I thanked him and began to do my thing.

Being around all these wonderful classics I had to show these pieces of art in the light and angles that they truly deserved. Which meant laying on the grass, shooting off balance, and getting the best angle that I could possibly get. Minutes later they started showing me around to the different rides, explaining where the cars came from, telling me all about the club. It was truly an exciting experience. This shot was one of my favorites. It exemplified what these really are…True Classics.


RS Photography,, Southside A’s


A definite perk…

I took this shot while working my 9-5. Being a fire fighter, is quite a rewarding career. Not only do we get to help people, see so many once in a lifetime events, but we also get paid to drive vehicles like this one. There’s nothing more thrilling than riding lights and sirens to an emergency. It’s a definite adrenaline rush like no other. This engine is one of the originals the department used, but now it is a showpiece for parades and the like. I am pretty lucky to have the opportunity to be around such prestigious equipment. It’s a definite perk of the job.

A classic…

Ford Falcon, originally uploaded by

Sometimes in an age of so much modern technology it’s good to see a classic. I came across this Ford Falcon in the parking lot of my old studio. The driver was polite enough to let me get a few shots of it before she left. When asked, she laughed and said, “You want to take pictures of this old thing? Go ahead if it makes you happy.” I guess she was used to it, but to me it’s a true classic.

On a stroll

Harley, originally uploaded by

Sometimes it’s just good to go outside for a walk. While on a stroll in East Atlanta, we came across this Harley Davidson. Far be it from me to walk away from a great shot without taking it. I layed on the ground for this one.