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Category : Black and Whites

The Girl with the Tribal Tattoo…

One of the shots Menat wanted was a picture of her new tattoo.   The tattoo is an exact replica of Angelina Jolie’s shoulder tattoo,  Menat, wanted the tattoo immortalized photographically.  So in creating the shot, we had to come up with a concept where the tattoo would be the focus.  I had her look over her shoulder and centered the light on the tattoo to emphasize it as the main character.   I chose to make it a black and white to give Menat a little mystery hiding her face in the dark, but leaving her shoulder in the light.  I like using this type of lighting technique on a black background because the light cut off is so instant it looks like she literally stepped out of darkness.

Annie’s Sephia

You Have the Look I will give you an image.

This shot proves how the camera angle and composition can transform a model’s look. Annie is only 5’1 at best maybe 5’2. This shot makes her look very tall. Her pose, legs and hand placement gave this look a real classic feel. So I gave the image a sephia look to compliment those things.  She said she never felt taller in her life.

Model: Annie Ruiz

Cheri Amore, accidents happen…

You Have the Look I will give you an image.

This concept came about as a complete accident. On the previous look Cheri applied lipstick to the side of her face to cover a blemish. As she changed to her next look she got lipstick on her white shirt. Fearing that it would ruin the shoot she was down and dejected. I on the other hand have always been an eternal optimist. “Hey let’s try something new. Put some on your face and put more on your shirt, and let’s see what happens.” The result was a transformation of a model. Instead of trying to look pretty she went wicked and her entire demeanor changed.  Now instead of trying to be something she saw some else be, she could be her on entity.

You Have the Look I will give you an image.

This brought out more of her creativity in terms of posing and it changed the way I lit her.  Now she was more dynamic and in your face so I went for a more direct lighting scheme.   In the post processing I decided to emphasize the red. So what started out as an accident ended up stretching us both out creatively .  And unknown at the moment, it will also be inspiration for another project that we could create a few weeks later.  Which goes to show sometimes its just better to go with the flow.  You never know what’s going to give birth to the next idea.


Model: Cheri A’more

You Have the Look I will give you an image.