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Category : Architecture

Welcome to the High…


The High Museum of Art is one of architect Richard Meier’s finest works. His works usually display white buildings with a very contemporary style that are just flat out fun to look at. Photographically there are really no bad angles of the High Museum. It easy to see how much time and care was taken in the design of the building. It’s not often you can actually walk through a piece of art, but this with building that is what you get to do. I took this shot as I approached the building. I love the view of all the straight lines and arches. It’s the equivalent of allowing your eyes to ride a roller coaster. There’s nothing like being taken from to regular world and being placed in another. Which is perfectly fitting seeing as though this a museum that houses so many works of art. Unlike so many buildings that are common place in life, the High goes beyond function and explores form. All too often this is overlooked in a very common world. When you enter the High a different part of your brain gets turned on. A part where you get to experience your senses to a greater degree than you normally do. You can see colors, lines, and shapes who’s very purpose is to say, “Look at me and Enjoy.” It’s a very mystifying experience. This shot embodies the feeling of leaving your world entering a new one. You can leave your cares and concerns at your car. You are about to enter an art gallery. You get to see and experience people’s hearts and souls. Things artist have created. Appropriately enough the designers were fully aware of the function of the building, and showed that with the creation of it’s form. To me this image screams, “Welcome to the High”.
the high front

Another point of view…

I captured this view of Atlanta while driving on the highway on my way home.  As I mentioned in a previous post I’m in the midst of capturing views of Atlanta.  This was shot in the heart of downtown from the vantage point of the expressway.  Not many people are willing to stop their vehicle on the highway just to take a picture, but I don’t aspire to be one of those people.  For me there’s nothing more exciting than jumping out of the truck and stealing an image.   You’re limited on the time you have to compose a shot, so metering, composition, and angle has to be done very quickly.  This was one of three pictures I shot when I stepped out of my truck.  Sometimes it’s better not taking so much time to create a shot.

City nights…

Atlanta has to be the biggest small city there is.  You can drive through the city from top to bottom or left to right in under forty-five minutes.  Yet for as small as it is, Atlanta is very intricate.  While generally it is call “Atlanta”, Atlanta is really comprised of the city of Atlanta, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Southwest  Atlanta, Lithonia, Marietta, Clayton County, Gwinnett, and so much more.   Many people don’t understand the regional differences from all of these places.  Despite how close these places are to each other each area has its own attitude or personality.    Strangely enough if you travel five minutes away sometimes the places completely different.  For all that is said about the dangers of downtown, make a right turn and go four streets up downtown is a completely different place.  This shot was taken a couple streets over from Five points.  As busy as Five Points tends to be, this street stays fairly clear.  There’s nothing like Atlanta, it’s so big, but yet so small.

Welcome to Atlanta…

You Have the Look I will give you an image.

Right now Atlanta is definitely the melting pot of the south.  We have people from all over the country in this one place.  Yet for all the visitors this city attracts when people say Atlanta, not many images come to mind.  When one thinks of New York there are places like the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square that come to mind.  When one thinks of San Francisco you instantly have a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Unlike other cities there are simply no iconic images of this Atlanta.   The next project that I will be working on will be images of this city.  This image is one of the more common ones of the city.  My goal is to show Atlanta from different perspectives.  Maybe one day it too will have some truly iconic images.