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Blackberry Seoul

Blackberry Seoul, originally uploaded by

This is my first major high end retouched image. With the purchase of a new instrument I just entered the world of high end retouching. The work takes a lot of time and care, but much like detailing a car the more time you take the better results you get. Seoul (model) and Tiffany (MUA) did a great job with their parts in the shoots as well.

Daisy focused, determined, and driven

This was a senior portrait I did for a friend’s daughter. I wanted to make it like a Gatorade ad. I wanted it to tell the story of a track runner. Is this the raw determination and preparation before the race or the anguish of a bitter defeat?

Jasmine’s Puerto Rican Pride

This shot came about from a mere conversation during the shoot. Jasmine wasn’t planning on shooting with her bandanna, but it made for a great prop. She says she loves showing her Puerto Rican pride wherever she goes. We will definitely shoot again.

Thigh-Highs and Heels

Sumintra, originally uploaded by

A combination as natural as peanut butter and jelly. This combination has been a staple from the days of the early pin-ups until now. No matter how many times thier used, the result is still the same a very sexy leg shot. This was my second shoot with Sumintra. We were supposed to do this look for the first shoot, but she did not bring the shirt. Upon seeing this pic she realized why I was so adamant about shooting this look with her. We will definitely shoot again.

On a stroll

Harley, originally uploaded by

Sometimes it’s just good to go outside for a walk. While on a stroll in East Atlanta, we came across this Harley Davidson. Far be it from me to walk away from a great shot without taking it. I layed on the ground for this one.

Shot remix

Sumintra , originally uploaded by

This was play on a shot Maxim did with one of the Pussycat dolls. While I can see using an idea, I always have to tweak the idea to my liking. In this shot Sumintra’s pose and look away is in contrast to the vivid purpleness of her gown. By playing with the saturation on both ranges I tried to emphasize the dress over the model.

Dee Forbes and the octo

Dee Forbes and the octo, originally uploaded by

As photographer, I love working with new equipment. The new toy of sorts the Octobox displayed in this photo. It produces a very large but extremely soft light. This one will get used a lot. I’m really excited about using it with a grid in a darker scene. So far so good. It gave the model, Dee Forbes, a real soft Hollywood glow. Although this was only her second ever shoot, I see enormous potential with her. I will definitely shoot with her again.

Timeless beauty…

Nichole Rose, originally uploaded by

This shot is an oldie, but goodie. I took it about three years ago. It was Nichole Rose’s first official photo shoot. In addition to this fantastic shot, we had about twenty to thirty other good shots. I made this one a black and white because it gave the shot a real classic timeless feel. It reminds me of a cognac ad, an elegant beauty confidently looking away.

Expressions in high key…

Melonie , originally uploaded by

It’s something about high key lighting that helps pull off certain expressions a model may have. In this shot Melonie, is cool and confident. This comes through from the pose and the look on her face. I chose to light her in high key to give the shot a certain freshness that couldn’t be shown any other lighting.

Voyeurism photography style…

Annie on the couch, originally uploaded by

I love perspective shots. To me they put the viewer in the eye of the photographer. I try to frame some shots very intimately where you feel like the person is so close to you that you can touch them. This also adds to the mood and the feel of the shot. The funny thing about this shot is that it came about when Annie, the model, ran and plopped down on the sofa. This is what I saw from my vantage point. So what you’re watching in on how she looked after she fell on the sofa.

Strike a pose…

Amanda, originally uploaded by

Sometimes a pose dictates my post processing. This pose screamed black and white. As if it said just the textures, just the expression, just me, nothing else. So that’s what I did. It’s always wonderful working with a model that likes to convey different emotions. Amanda, the model in this photo, is also an actress. So when we were shooting I told her to imagine she was playing a role. Anyone can stand in front of a camera and get hit with light. But it takes a special person to leave thier own self and transform into someone else. To me that’s what models do when they strike a pose.


Candace , originally uploaded by

This shot was created while shooting with my boy, the other half of Urban Shutter. This shot really depicts his prowess with finding a really tight location. The model just so happen to be wearing a yellw on orange look, and upon entering the location we saw this wall. It practically was screaming for us to shoot her there. The color coordination is so dead on that you would swear the set was created for the model’s look.