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Amanda…turn right

like that it happened. This was the very first shot of the shoot. A beauty shot as simple as they may look can be very complicated. You got to make sure you light it right, it is composed properly, and the model has to give the right expression. Sometimes this can take a multitude of shots and a lot of repositioning. Then there are times when you nail it on the first one with only three words.

Up, up and away…

Herrari, originally uploaded by

Is the basic formula for a pretty good headshot. Herrari posed in a Covergirl style pic. With headshots, retouching is paramount. Once You start retouching it’s hard to stop. There’s always something you want to fix, improve or polish. This one took about three weeks of retouching.

A slight return…

I got a lot of great shots from this shoot. This one reminds me of an Muhammad Ali pic. The effects in the pic and intensity on the boxer’s face makes this a really great to me. You can almost smell the gym and feel the pain he has had to endure as he trained.

Emotions conveyed…

Herrari veiled, originally uploaded by

When I shot this image, I wanted it to project feelings of sadness and something deeply emotional. The model, Herrari Hamilton, helped to pull this off by producing a real tear. A talent that definitely helps her in her acting career. Just one or two yawns and down it comes. When viewing this picture one doesn’t know if she is mourning the lost of a love one, the ending of a relationship, or just a black widow in disguise. One thing I hope it will do, is make you stop a wonder.

King of the ring…

boxing , originally uploaded by

I’ve always loved the sport of boxing. No matter if it is the live event or in the movies I’ve always been drawn to the sport. When given an opportunity to shoot in an actual boxing gym I jumped at the chance. The boxer shown, is an up and coming fighter only 15years old. Yet inside the ring he posses a maturity beyond his years. Five days a week he comes in a trains for hours. The gym is by no means glamourous. There’s no air conditioner, no nautilous machines. There’s just a few heavy bags, speed bags, jump ropes, a ring and a timer that goes off every three minutes. But it is in this land of guts and sweat the he shall hone his skills to one day be the King of the Ring.

A definite perk…

I took this shot while working my 9-5. Being a fire fighter, is quite a rewarding career. Not only do we get to help people, see so many once in a lifetime events, but we also get paid to drive vehicles like this one. There’s nothing more thrilling than riding lights and sirens to an emergency. It’s a definite adrenaline rush like no other. This engine is one of the originals the department used, but now it is a showpiece for parades and the like. I am pretty lucky to have the opportunity to be around such prestigious equipment. It’s a definite perk of the job.

Tierra head shot

There’s an art to filling a frame with a face and hair. Symmetry plays a big part in it and lighting is also key. The model’s look also helps. In this shot Tierra nailed looking through the camera. It almost looks as if she is looking directly at you. It’s that Mona Lisa effect, her eyes will follow you wherever you go.

Blushing birde

Blushing birde, originally uploaded by

I never really realized how much brides glow on their wedding day. I got this shot while attending a friend’s wedding. While I wasn’t the photographer, I couldn’t resist taking this shot. She’s absolutely glowing.

Kat at angle

I shot this with Kat of Kat’s Cafe downtown. I love the red brick in this part of the cafe. This somewhat of an impromptu performance, she wasn’t really singing at first. But as with all good performers once you get them started they’ll put on a show. This angle says it all. Soulful and sultry.

Patience always pays…

Usher , originally uploaded by

I got this shot of Usher at his Cologne release at Macy’s Lenox Mall. Basically, I was the last photographer to leave, and the first to realize he didn’t take a picture with his cologne bottle. I asked his manager if it was okay if I got a shot of him with a bottle, she asked him, he nodded his head and this was the result. Anyone who has spent five minutes can tell you the photo pit is a crowed and cramped area filled with many photographers of different skill level trying to get that perfect shot. Many are willing to push, pull and lean on you to get. But when it’s all said and done the best technique to use is always patience.

A classic…

Ford Falcon, originally uploaded by

Sometimes in an age of so much modern technology it’s good to see a classic. I came across this Ford Falcon in the parking lot of my old studio. The driver was polite enough to let me get a few shots of it before she left. When asked, she laughed and said, “You want to take pictures of this old thing? Go ahead if it makes you happy.” I guess she was used to it, but to me it’s a true classic.

Jasmine’s Emotions…

I wanted this shot to have a real emotional feel so framed it tightly. I gave it a sephia tone to heighten the emotion placing emphasis on her eyes. The viewer doesn’t know if she is lamenting over a love lost or simply seeking love from the whoever gazes upon her now.