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Opportunity Given…

A few years ago I was given the opportunity through a mutual friend to take portraits of former Atlanta Falcon and Atlanta Brave Brian Jordan. For me this was one of the most fantastic opportunities a budding photographer could get. Not only would I get the opportunity to shoot pics of a national celebrity, but also an athlete who watched and cheered on for two teams in Atlanta.

As expected I was nervous because as mentioned before this was a big opportunity for me and you never know if an opportunity like this may come again. On the day of the shoot I found Brian Jordan to be one of the most laid back, coolest people you can ever meet. From there it was just a matter of me applying the same principles of photography to this shoot as I had to others in the past. The result was a fantastic group of images. It felt good to know that all of those hours of practice paid off.
This image was one of the first in which I started using high contrast lighting a technique that would further develop and become a staple in photography arsenal. I didn’t realize this until I just so happen to be going through old images while cleaning one of my external hard drives. So now I have decided that I will start blogging past shots and past shoots, and posting them on my website. Looking back I realized how big of an opportunity this was and I am thankful for what the experience taught. Also, I’d like to publicly thank that mutual friend. Thanks T.

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