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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Sip & Shoot…

This past Friday I got the opportunity to attend a photo meet-up called Sip & Shoot. Ordinarily I hate meet-ups. They usually take place in area too small to facilitate the number of people. They rarely have enough models to shoot. And sometimes they don’t like you to bring in your own equipment. This meet-up was the complete opposite. Firstly, the location, House of Blended Ink or HOBI, was big enough to accommodate anyone that wanted to shoot. They had several areas available to shoot. Secondly they had a fair number of models, in addition to MUA’s and stylists. But what I like the most is I was allowed to bring my equipment in and use it. While they did have enough equipment for the photographers to use. I simply like using my own stuff. I bought it, I know what it does, and we work well together. They also had a good mix of photographers, from newbies to experts.


They even had a professor of photography. I only knew so because he told me about his five degrees. My personal opinion, the money you spend on a photograph degree is more useful when you use it to buy gear. Nonetheless it was great to get out and shoot again. I will definitely attend the next one. And just in case you are wondering, yes, I did sip a little and shot a little too.



It was definitely a great experience.  I thought I might be a little rusty because I had not shot in a while, but just like riding a bike everything was still there.  The lighting, composition and most importantly the communication with the model.  I was able to get these marvels in such a small amount of time.  I simply was in rhythm, in stride, and on the beat.  Maybe it’s due to the so many years of practice or maybe it was the few sips of wine and the atmosphere.  Either way it was a great night of shooting.





Opportunity Given…

A few years ago I was given the opportunity through a mutual friend to take portraits of former Atlanta Falcon and Atlanta Brave Brian Jordan. For me this was one of the most fantastic opportunities a budding photographer could get. Not only would I get the opportunity to shoot pics of a national celebrity, but also an athlete who watched and cheered on for two teams in Atlanta.

As expected I was nervous because as mentioned before this was a big opportunity for me and you never know if an opportunity like this may come again. On the day of the shoot I found Brian Jordan to be one of the most laid back, coolest people you can ever meet. From there it was just a matter of me applying the same principles of photography to this shoot as I had to others in the past. The result was a fantastic group of images. It felt good to know that all of those hours of practice paid off.
This image was one of the first in which I started using high contrast lighting a technique that would further develop and become a staple in photography arsenal. I didn’t realize this until I just so happen to be going through old images while cleaning one of my external hard drives. So now I have decided that I will start blogging past shots and past shoots, and posting them on my website. Looking back I realized how big of an opportunity this was and I am thankful for what the experience taught. Also, I’d like to publicly thank that mutual friend. Thanks T.