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Welcome to the High…


The High Museum of Art is one of architect Richard Meier’s finest works. His works usually display white buildings with a very contemporary style that are just flat out fun to look at. Photographically there are really no bad angles of the High Museum. It easy to see how much time and care was taken in the design of the building. It’s not often you can actually walk through a piece of art, but this with building that is what you get to do. I took this shot as I approached the building. I love the view of all the straight lines and arches. It’s the equivalent of allowing your eyes to ride a roller coaster. There’s nothing like being taken from to regular world and being placed in another. Which is perfectly fitting seeing as though this a museum that houses so many works of art. Unlike so many buildings that are common place in life, the High goes beyond function and explores form. All too often this is overlooked in a very common world. When you enter the High a different part of your brain gets turned on. A part where you get to experience your senses to a greater degree than you normally do. You can see colors, lines, and shapes who’s very purpose is to say, “Look at me and Enjoy.” It’s a very mystifying experience. This shot embodies the feeling of leaving your world entering a new one. You can leave your cares and concerns at your car. You are about to enter an art gallery. You get to see and experience people’s hearts and souls. Things artist have created. Appropriately enough the designers were fully aware of the function of the building, and showed that with the creation of it’s form. To me this image screams, “Welcome to the High”.
the high front

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