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City nights…

Atlanta has to be the biggest small city there is.  You can drive through the city from top to bottom or left to right in under forty-five minutes.  Yet for as small as it is, Atlanta is very intricate.  While generally it is call “Atlanta”, Atlanta is really comprised of the city of Atlanta, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Southwest  Atlanta, Lithonia, Marietta, Clayton County, Gwinnett, and so much more.   Many people don’t understand the regional differences from all of these places.  Despite how close these places are to each other each area has its own attitude or personality.    Strangely enough if you travel five minutes away sometimes the places completely different.  For all that is said about the dangers of downtown, make a right turn and go four streets up downtown is a completely different place.  This shot was taken a couple streets over from Five points.  As busy as Five Points tends to be, this street stays fairly clear.  There’s nothing like Atlanta, it’s so big, but yet so small.

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