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True classics…



Sometimes my timing is so perfect it’s almost scary. While I did not win the mega lottery, I did run across thirty of these beauties on my way to get gas for the mower. It was a meeting of The Southside A’s Ford Model A car club.
I didn’t know any of them, I didn’t know why they were there, or if they would even allow me to shoot pictures. Being the inquisitive photographer that I am I stepped out of my dented Nissan and I asked the host if it were okay for me to shoot some pictures. He replied, “Absolutely, but we will be leaving in about 25 minutes.”. I thanked him and began to do my thing.

Being around all these wonderful classics I had to show these pieces of art in the light and angles that they truly deserved. Which meant laying on the grass, shooting off balance, and getting the best angle that I could possibly get. Minutes later they started showing me around to the different rides, explaining where the cars came from, telling me all about the club. It was truly an exciting experience. This shot was one of my favorites. It exemplified what these really are…True Classics.


RS Photography,, Southside A’s


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